Climate Oxide

In 2011, I began working with Dutch/Nepali artist Shiva Rimal on a project that would combine our professional mediums and artistic talents to focus on the subject of climate change. The result was Climate Oxide; a project that uses rust, photography and industrial design to interpret the corrosion of environments.

With Climate Oxide, we draw upon experiences from our individual backgrounds to provide a personalised perspective of global climate issues. To create the project, we traveled together to Nepal, throughout the Netherlands, and used my existing images from Canada. The inaugural exhibition was held at the Kunstkerk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in October 2012.

The opening was attended by over 100 people and we know that Climate Oxide encouraged individuals to connect to global climate issues and at the same time inspire them to help build a sustainable and just world.

To close the exhibition we hosted a special speaking panel of invited guests who shared their thoughts on photography, design and the environment. Those guests included; John Novis, head of photography at Greenpeace International, David Harry from the International Innovation Company, and Iris Cheng, climate campaigner with Greenpeace International. About 25 people attended this small talk.

We are now in the process of organizing a tour of Climate Oxide and we expect to be able to exhibit this display in a few cities around the world. Below is a gallery with the art pieces and their stories. Further down the page is a ‘making of’ video and some images from the exhibit as it came together.

 Video – The Making of Climate Oxide

Images: Climate Oxide Comes Together

Climate Oxide