Bijlmer Blooms – Art Project in Amsterdam

Art project by Teresa Borasino in Biljmer, Amsterdam. (Robert van Waarden)

Last week I had the opportunity to work with Amsterdam artist Teresa Borasino on her Bijlmer Blooms project in Amsterdam.She and her colleagues were busy  for several days hanging flowers on an old abandoned building in the Bijlmer neighbourhood of Amsterdam. Visit her website for some of the photos.

From Teresa

Bijlmer Blooms

On Friday, 19 October Bijlmer Blooms was completed. It will only bloom until Thursday, 25 October.
Large amounts of flower boxes hang on the balconies of the last original ‘honeycomb’ building in the Bijlmer, Kleiburg.
Bijlmer, a neighbourhood in Amsterdam Zuidoost was built in the 60’s as a model housing estate. Currently, Bijlmer is going through a large urban renewal, many of the high-rise buildings laid out in a hexagonal grid (most known as the ‘honeycomb’ buildings) have been renovated or torn down. Kleiburg is the last original building that has not gone through renovation yet. The building is empty and completely decayed.Its renovation awaits in 2013.
Bijlmer Blooms is a participatory project. Many neighbours have contributed to the project by filling, hanging or watering the flower boxes. It is a tribute to the original and the current Bijlmer.
This project is commissioned by Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost.


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