British Council Arctic Photography Exhibit

The exhibit at the British Council headquarters in London featuring images from the Cape Farewell Youth Expedition was a resounding success.

Over 150 people, including politicians, diplomats, climate scientists, climate activists, and interested individuals, showed up to see the images. They were given the opportunity to meet some of the voyagers, the staff members of the expedition, and the British Council employees that made this possible.

A huge thanks goes out to Eleanor Land from the British Council. She and I spent hours looking at images, asking for opinions, and choosing. Then I spent many hours in front of a computer to make these images ready. Currently their are 10 images at the address on Spring Garden road. The exhibit launched a multimedia presentation that will now tour over 100 Council offices around the world. The Council has recently made Climate Change one of its’ big three priorities and this exhibition will serve as an example and launching pad for hopefully many more exciting projects from the British Council.

Among those in attendance during the evening was the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Mr. Ed Milliband. Mr. Milliband graciously gave his time for a discussion with the voyagers regarding the UK position and the state of Climate Change negotiations. Although it was disappointing to hear Mr. Milliband talk so much about Obama, Obama, Obama, when he is the leading man for the United Kingdom.

Also attending was Mr. Neil Kinnock, famous British Politician and current Chair of the British Council. Mr. Kinnock made wonderful comments on the current need for political and civil society action on climate change and, several comments on my hat, mentioning that he couldn’t understand why those with hair wore hats but that he was envious of my style.

The exhibit will be up for a month and from there will hopefully tour to other locations. If you have a suggestion for a location and would like to see this show near you, please drop me a line.

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