Cape Farewell Images

I realize that I have been very very silent on the Blog front since returning from the Cape Farewell Voyage. My excuse shall be that I needed time to absorb all the information and visuals that I was bombarded with for two weeks aboard a ship. And of course some time to edit the 9000+ images.

For those of you that are not aware of the Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 08 a bit of information. The British Council of Canada organized an expedition for 28 international youth to travel to the Arctic to learn about climate change. Cape Farewell is an organization that was started by David Buckland, a British artist, who realized that we needed to communicate the problem of Climate Change much better. So for the last seven years he has been taking artists into the North to inspire them to create something about Climate Change. The British Council of Canada took this idea and ran with it to create a youth expedition. Focusing on the fact that by changing a few young minds, they will return to their schools and make changes that will build into a great movement.

The British Council engaged me to shoot and document their project and what an experience it was. Working with 28 incredible youth and an incredible team of professionals, we spent two weeks traveling from Iceland – Greenland – Baffin Island. All the time discussing the growing issue of Climate Change. The days were packed with Scientific measurements and art projects to draw attention to this issue that will affect all of us. But, enough blather from me, why not check out the blogs, images and creations of this fascinating voyage.

There are preparations to create a traveling exhibit of these images. Stay tuned for more information….

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