Climate Change – Youth in Bali

It has been a few months since the incredible gathering of passionate and empowered youth from around the world met in Bali, Indonesia. I was a member of the Canadian Youth Delegation to Bali and took the opportunity to document the inspiring efforts of the international youth at COP 13. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change took place during December 1 – 14 of 2007. A Bali roadmap was agreed upon and hopes remain high that the growing movement for action against climate change will indeed create profound changes in this world. We are quite possibly facing the greatest threat to mankind this earth has seen. Climate change is real and it is here, it is affecting the populations of Kiribati and the Arctic, it is affecting the world and will affect everyone one of us in the future. The youth are gathering and acting now, join us. See the slideshow on youth action at the UNFCCC. I also encourage you to take a look at the It’s Getting Hot in Here, dispatches from the Youth Climate Movement.

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