Climate Oxide Exhibit coming to WANAKA

A couple months ago while I was in Pittsburgh the phone rang. After we got over the initial confusion of what language to speak, (English or Dutch), the man on the other end introduced himself as Sander. Sander was opening up a new cafe in Amsterdam Zuid with a full sustainability concept and he wanted to know if I would like to show and sell some work on the walls. After discussing some of the details with Sander I realized that it was a great place to bring the Climate Oxide exhibit. Since I am no longer in Amsterdam I put him in touch with Shiva and before I knew it, we were scheduled to hang and display the show at WANAKA.

The exhibit is set to open with the Grand Opening of WANAKA, Jacob Obrechstraat 41, on Dec. 21. If you are in Amsterdam I would encourage you to go and join the party, it looks great.

Climate Oxide


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