Corsica | Hiking the Mare a Mare Nord

I was going through the photography archive the last few days picking out images to send to my image partner Aurora Photos. I came across these images from a wonderful hiking trip to Corsica from a couple of years ago.

We were eager to not fly and put more carbon than necessary into the atmosphere so we caught the train from Amsterdam to Nice, the overnight ferry to Bastia and then the amazing little train to Corte. From Corte we joined the Mare a Mare Nord. The trail was surprisingly difficult, it goes over many different mountain ranges and in November is incredibly empty. It rained, snowed, blew and shone and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Corsica immediately.

Photographs below.

[photoshelter-gallery g_id=”G0000oaG3yB.aUPA” g_name=”Corsica” f_show_caption=”t” f_show_slidenum=”t” img_title=”f” pho_credit=”iptc” f_link=”t” f_send_to_friend_btn=”t” f_bbar=”t” f_htmllinks=”t” f_mtrx=”t” fsvis=”f” width=”950″ height=”654″ bgcolor=”#ffffff” bgtrans=”t” btype=”new” bcolor=”#878787″ crop=”f” twoup=”t” trans=”xfade” tbs=”5000″ linkdest=”c” f_fullscreen=”f” f_constrain=”f” f_topbar=”f” f_bbarbig=”” f_enable_embed_btn=”f” f_show_watermark=”f” f_smooth=”f” f_ap=”f” f_up=”f” target=”_self” wmds=”llQ6QNgpeC.p1Ucz7U.Y67zyK4yfq6jC9ROmki.jsBZloc4hB6fRjXvFhdrPdf7FpRFTFw–” ]

One thought on “Corsica | Hiking the Mare a Mare Nord

  1. The dramatic quality of light in these images lends a middle earth flavour which is fully supported by the terrain.
    I wonder what Iceland looks like. Jules Verne placed the entrance to The Centre of the Earth there.

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