Duck Bengkiwe à la Lombok

Serves 6

– Chili
– Coriander
– Ginger
– Shallots
– Lemon Grass
– Kunyit (ginger like orange root)
– Thyme
– Lemon Leaves
– Peppers
– Kemiri (like chestut)
– Phalla (cloves)
– One Fresh Duck


Go to market and pick out a fresh duck, the larger the better. You shouldn’t have to pay more then 60,000 rupiah for your duck, (the equivalent of about $6.50 CAN). You should purchase the rest of the ingredients at the market and combined should cost around 15,000 rupiah. Transport your duck in a burlap bag on board the public transport system to you house.

When you get home, prepare the fire with palm leaves and heat up some water to facilitate the removal of the ducks feathers. Meanwhile, chop up all the spices and using a mortar and pestle, create a paste for the duck.

Kill your duck, the preferred method is to have one man hold the body, another hold the head and then slit the ducks throat. Please give thanks to the wonderful duck for providing you with a meal.

Take your duck and soak the body in hot water and remove all the feathers. Chop it up into several pieces and cover with the spice paste. Place duck in a large wok over a medium fire and fry. Meanwhile, climb a coconut tree and cut down two coconuts. Add the juice from the two coconuts to the duck and allow to stew for several hours.

During this time, listen to some tunes (Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Dylan etc.) and drink Palm Wine. Palm wine is a liquid extracted from a palm tree that has already fermented in the tree. When your duck is ready, eat with lots of rice using you hands.

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  1. It looks and sounds delicious, Robert. I trust you have exercised every step in your description yourself.

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