Goose bumps at Power Shift 09

For the last two days I have had a serious case of Goosebumps. Never before have I heard and been a part of so much inspiration.

I have been documenting PowerShift in Washington DC. Over 12,000, yes, 12,000 youth, converged on Washington to take part in POWER SHIFT! The largest event ever for youth acting to prevent runaway climate change. It has been two days of incredible workshops and inspiration. Tomorrow, the largest day of lobbying in US history will take place on Capitol Hill. Over 300 meetings have been scheduled here in Washington with representatives of Congress to ask for bold and strong targets on climate legislation. Amazing!!

And yes, the moment we have been waiting for in the Climate Movement has arrived here in Washington DC.

Hundreds of young and old citizens of the US and the international community are putting their bodies on the line tomorrow and risking arrest as they shut down the Capitol Coal Plant here in Washington. The Capitol Coal Plant has been burning for over 100 years and is a prime example of the unsustainable world that we are currently engaged in and how the burning of coal must stop now! Tomorrow, Monday, March 2nd will go down in history as the first major non-violent action ever for the climate. It is super exciting. We are expecting thousands of people to join and march through downtown Washington and occupy the coal plant. The action has been endorsed by Bill McKibben, James Hansen, Darryl Hannah and tens of other amazing people and celebrities. (if you don’t know those three, look em up.)

Check out and Capitol Coal Action

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