Montreal – France

There is little more personally satisfying then being able to travel to a foreign country and being perfectly able to converse in the language.

It was a short stay in Paris. After navigating the complicated RER system and the metro I succeeded in meeting my contact in Paris and the little apt that I was welcome in. Genevieve is a cousin of a friend and was kind enough to lend me her wonderful air mattress.

A wonderful time was had, some memories:
the Champs Elysee and the admittedly sad display of Christmas lights. Walking along the river and enjoying the beauty of the Eiffel Tower as it graced the Parisian sky line. A wonderful typical French Bavette avec Pommes Frites enjoyed in the company of a very conservative older French couple. Coffee on les Grand Boulevards with Cassie, a friend from Montreal. All in all a wonderful stop over.

I am now in Bali, please excuse the intermittent posts, we are understandably very very busy.

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