North America Bound

Off again!
On the way to my previous hometown, Montreal, Quebec. I will be away from Europe for two months, spending time in Montreal, PEI and in the Arctic working with the British Council of Canada on their Cape Farewell Youth Voyage. A wonderful opportunity to work with inspired youth in an incredible part of the world on an issue that affects everyone.

From their website.

Cape Farewell’s sixth voyage, in September 2008, is the first to originate in Canada. Its expedition includes Canadian youth from high schools representing every province and territory in Canada, as well as a number of international youth.

In addition to the 16 students from Canada, there will be students from the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, and India. Joining these 28 young students are 18 adult mentors, scientists, educators and staff. Moreover, the ship’s master and crew of 30, including a doctor, are active members of the expedition and highly experienced in Arctic voyages.

Cape Farewell, an innovative program designed to raise awareness of climate change, is the brainchild of British artist David Buckland. He has led five highly successful expeditions to the high Arctic, including four for artists and scientists and the inaugural youth expedition in September 2007.

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