Sinter Klaas comes to the Netherlands

Sinter Klaas has arrived in Holland.

Today on the canals of Utrecht, the famous Saint sailed in on a boat from Spain, much to the glee of the assembled crowds of children. Sinter Klaas will now be in the country for 3 weeks preparing for Dec. 5. All the children of Holland will leave their shoes out for the next few weeks hoping that Sinter Klaas will leave them little treats and presents. On Dec. 5, Sinter Klaas will leave a sack of presents for all the good boys and girls. Of course, if you have been naughty you get beaten instead! Unless, you are very very bad then Zwart Piet will put you in his sack and you will have to return with them to Spain.

To me, getting sent to Spain in the middle of a Dutch winter doesn’t sound too bad. The Spanish climate is a lot nicer this time of year AND you get to spend your whole year misbehaving!

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