Vienna Orchestra

No images on this post, simply because the following experience was a moment to savour, and stare in awe at the ostentatious grandeur of the Vienna Mozart Orchestra.

Having met another Canadian here in Vienna (Anne-Marie) who had the excellent idea to check out the Mozart Orchestra we (Fraser, current traveling partner) readily agreed.
Hoping to get standing room tickets, Anne-Marie went early. Much to our disappointment, no standing room was allowed. So the cheapest option was apparently 15 Euros. Of course it turns out that they cost 19 Euros. Yet for some inexplicable reason the cashier took pity on Anne-Marie and sold her 39 Euro tickets for 19. Feeling that we had done well, we went out for a quick bite at a typically Viennese high class establishment, the trusted Gyros stand. Somehow in the midst of our excitement of buying a mouth watering, over cooked chicken pita, I lost my ticket. Feeling like an idiot, we returned to the Opera house and explained the story. Instead of being told to buy another ticket, the same cashier upgraded all three of us two more sections to front row seats. There is nothing like seeing the blood coursing through a violinists hand as the Chef Orchestra winks at his French horn player. All surrounded by buxom golden statues and frescoed ceilings as the beauty of Mozart and Strauss drifted to our ears. Wow.

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