Winterlude and Cape Farewell

This weekend several of the voyagers from the Cape Farewell Youth Expedition will be giving presentations during the wonderful Winterlude Festival in Ottawa. Although, according to the Winterlude website, “Due to weather conditions, the Sun Life Snowflake Kingdom is closed.” I am not to sure what that means, but alas, it sounded like fun!

So instead of venturing into the Kingdom go to the ‘Cape Farewell Young Explorers’ Held at: Confederation Park (Rogers Crystal Garden) on Saturday and Sunday, February 14 and 15, noon and 2:30 pm

4 of the images from the expedition are also on display in the Crystal Garden. Less then two weeks after being in the capital of England, the show and voyagers are now in the capital of Canada! AND, there are plans for more exhibits and presentations to come throughout the year…..

If you are in the area, you have to go to Ottawa, skate on the canal, eat a beaver tail and say hello to the voyagers.

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