Website Updates

Greenland village and IcebergI have been busy updating a few things on my website. It was in need of some navigational work and other updates, some of which are visible and many of which you can’t see.


  • I have updated the Portfolio and it is now located under Archive (still more work to do here)
  • I have reordered and renamed the Images link so that it makes a little more sense.
  • The back end has been double updated, via Graph Paper Press theme and updated WordPress.
  • The connection to my Archive has been streamlined thanks to Photoshelter updates.
  • Updated slideshow on the homepage connection with Photoshelter

For quite some time now I have held a Photoshelter account. It has been used primarily in the background and for specific client requests. However, in an effort to make my stock images more available and it easier to search for images, it has now been integrated into

When you enter you will be given the option of ‘Images’, this will take you to my Photoshelter webpage.

Over the next few weeks I will be updating this webpage and making many more images available.