Cameras, lens, audio recorders packed: Gone in search of light….

Just as the sun was starting to warm up the cold, wet polder of the Netherlands, I figured that it was time to pack the gear and head off to the dry Southwest. One of my favourite places on earth, the landscapes of Utah, Nevada, California and region have inspired artists and photographers for decades. The colours of the red canyons, the arches, the beautiful sand dunes of Death Valley, it is a photographers dream.

This time I will spend most of my time in Arizona where I hear they have wonderful canyons and colourful deserts. Perhaps I can find some? But the chief reason behind this voyage still goes back to climate change. I plan on working with some of the native Americans of Arizona with Shadia Fayne from Project Survival Media to discover and document how modern day energy needs shape their future and past.

Check back for more, it will be an interesting adventure, (although, wifi isn’t emitted by Saguaro cactus so it won’t be everyday).

One thought on “Cameras, lens, audio recorders packed: Gone in search of light….

  1. The cold, wet polder of the Netherlands got really really cold and wet again, you’re not missing much.

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