The BBC documentary film, Earth, just played itself out on my computer screen and I feel humbled, awed and inspired. The images, for their sharpness and graphical nature would make even the most talented image makers jealous. I found myself wondering how they managed this or that shot and my mouth was stuck in that open awe pose for most of the film.

Yet, never before have the images of the natural world resounded so deeply within my soul. Coming off a incredible time in Poznan at the UN Climate Change Conference this film particularly urged me to protect the valuable ecosystems and animals of this planet. I have been lucky enough to photograph some of the most beautiful places on earth, and I found the breathtaking imagery hit home on an emotional level. For those of us that are seeking inspiration to continue or join the fight to stop climate change, this film will have a profound affect on you. We have one ‘lucky’ planet, lets clean up our mess and make survival of all nations and life a reality.