Global Wind Day – Photographing an Offshore Wind Park

On June 15, Global Wind Day, I took the opportunity to attend the Netherlands Wind Energy Association organized events celebrating wind power in the Netherlands. Highlight: trip to the offshore wind park, Egmond aan Zee.

We left Ijmuiden early in the morning dwarfed by the behemoth steel factory, the Hoogovens (second image). I couldn’t have imagined a more contrasting image to what we were about to witness. A short sail offshore and we were greeted by the 36 turbines that make up the Egmond aan Zee park. The turbines have a combined capacity of 108 megawatt and power over 100,000 homes per year. Offshore wind will be a powerful player in the future energy market and I welcomed this opportunity to photograph it. I hope you enjoy the results.

Note: I am currently working on a new project about people living and working with wind energy internationally with support from the Global Wind Energy Council. If you wish to be a partner on this project, we are providing a rare and exciting opportunity for businesses to be involved with a demonstration through photographic fine art that clean energy solutions are viable right now. Send me an email for more information!

Global Wind Day – the Netherlands – Images by Robert vanWaarden