In Pictures – Over 25,000 march in Quebec City for Climate Action


On Saturday, April 4, 2015, over 25,000 citizens marched in Quebec City calling on Canadian Premiers and the Federal Government to Act on Climate. I was contracted by Greenpeace to cover this huge moment. Those images have been shared and used widely on the net the last few days, including over 15,000 times here on ThinkProgress. I believe that this march is a sign that the climate movement has hit a tipping point.


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Defend Our Climate – Oka

Over 300 people gathered today to rally in support of action on climate change, social justice and environmental justice at Oka, Quebec in Canada. The rally was part of a national day of action organized by a group of organizations in Canada called Defend Our Climate. The purpose of the rallies was to draw attention to the worsening climate situation and the increased fossil fuel activity in Canada.

It was a beautiful day to be out photographing and capturing these moments.

Defend Our Climate – Images by Robert van Waarden

Nuclear Protest on the Dam Square in Amsterdam

On April 16, around ten thousand individuals gathered on the Dam Square in Amsterdam to protest the Dutch government’s decision to authorize the construction of a new nuclear plant. The protest was partially in reaction to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, but the unsustainable high costs, both environmentally and financially were also on the agenda. Not only is this decision by the government insensitive to the disaster in Japan, but it comes at the same time that Germany is phasing out all nuclear power and proceeding full steam ahead with green energy.

Why is it that our neighbors are willing to fight for future generations while we proceed with an energy that doesn’t even have a waste disposal plan?

Gallery below.

Nuclear Protest – Amsterdam April 16, 2011 – Images by Robert vanWaarden