Exhibition Opening – Along the Pipeline at Nuit Blanche

TBob Smokerhis Saturday, Feb. 28, the Maison du Développement Durable in Montreal will play host to the Along the Pipeline photography exhibition. Presented within the confines of the Nuit Blanche, this promises to be an exciting evening with cocktails, pipelines and lots of people. If you are in Montreal and free, please stop by. Afterwards you can continue on to one of the many numerous events happening all across the city.

Can’t make the opening on Saturday? Don’t worry, the exhibit will be displayed until March 17, 2015.

Where: Maison du Developpement Durable
When: Saturday, Feb 28 – March 17
Time: Opening at 20:00 on Saturday, Feb. 28

Photographs from Royal Gallery Opening

I have been pretty busy the last few weeks with family engagements and I haven’t had much time to post new things to the journal. But as things settle down, the time is found to move forward with things that I have been meaning to do for several weeks. This includes posting some of the images that a good friend of mine Leora Rosner captured at the opening of the Royal Gallery exhibit last month. Enjoy.

royal gallery exhibit in amsterdam

Credit: Leora Rosner

royal gallery exhibit in amsterdam

Credit: Leora Rosner

photos of Royal Gallery Amsterdam

Credit: Leora Rosner

royal gallery exhibit in amsterdam

Credit: Leora Rosner

royal gallery exhibit in amsterdam

Credit: Leora Rosner

royal gallery exhibit in amsterdam

Credit: Leora Rosner

royal gallery exhibit in amsterdam

Credit: Leora Rosner

Slideshow of Amsterdam Royal Gallery Show

Several people have contacted me and expressed their disappointment that they were not able to catch the Royal Gallery exhibit here in Amsterdam. I said that I would post a gallery of the images that were displayed at the gallery. Although this really doesn’t show off the images in their full splendor, it gives you an idea of what was displayed during the month of April 2011.

If you are in Amsterdam, the show will be displayed until April 30th, go to Royal Gallery to check it out.

Amsterdam Royal Gallery Show – Images by Robert vanWaarden

Climate Faces – Photography Exhibit at the United Nations

greenland panoramic mountains

Exhibition Panel 1 - United Nations


Tomorrow, July 14, the exhibit, Climate Faces – Changing Earth, Changing Lives opens at the United Nations in New York. Featured are my photographs from the 2008 Cape Farewell Voyage.

This exhibit documents young climate activists exploring the impacts of climate change on the Arctic and how they learned to communicate the issue. It follows on the heels of successful showings in locations around the world, including; Trafalgar Square, Parliament Hill Ottawa, India and Mexico.

The exhibit runs until the end of July. If you can’t make it to New York, click here to see some of the images on display.

More about this British Council project.
In September 2008, 28 high school students from Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom boarded a Russian research vessel in Reykjavik, Iceland, and sailed around the southern tip of Greenland to Iqaluit on Canada‘s Baffin Island. On the trip, they were accompanied by scientists, artists and educators, who engaged them in a variety of programmes on board the ship and on shore.

Update: A picture of the opening banner at the UN: Provided by Esperanza Garcia

opening at the UN imagea

Green Jobs Photo Censored by the Senate

Recently this image was prohibited from appearing within the Senate Rotunda in Washington, D.C. This image was meant to accompany the National Wildlife Federation Fair Climate Photo Exhibit in Russell Senate Building Rotunda that finished on July 2nd. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the Senate decided that Freedom of Speech was not a right to be upheld within its’ walls and would not allow this image to hang. Also suffering at the hands of the censorship committee was this image by Project Survival Media Coordinator Shadia Fayne Wood.

I guess the Senate felt that there were too many people demanding green jobs and a switch to a clean low carbon future.  Devastating, because we  know that such a switch is necessary to guarantee our survival.

Youth Climate Photographer Shows at Barcelona Negotiations

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If you are a youth climate activist, if you have been to a Powershift conference, and/or if you read this blog, you have seen some of these amazing images that are on display, right now, in front of delegates at the Barcelona intercessional meetings –only one month before Copenhagen.

Barcelona Climate Talks - UNFCCC meetings

I wanted to take a moment and share this work, and also a message from my amazing co-worker, Robert van Waarden:

babyballoonbyrobertPower Shift '09 ©Robert vanWaarden

“Youth have been documenting the movement on the front lines of the global climate crisis and now, we are bringing our message to negotiators at Barcelona.

For years now, the global youth climate movement has been organizing, building momentum and strength, and influencing the debate through our actions, documentation, and networking from the front lines of the climate crisis. Actions by individuals have inspired groups and movements across Earth to fight for a dependable, stable climate. It is the issue that defines our generation.

I have had the pleasure of documenting and photographing this movement across the globe. From the halls of Powershifts to the high level segments of the Conference of Parties, from the G20 to the High Arctic, I have been honored to lend my skills as a photographer, and help give the international youth movement a voice and image. Now, we at Fired UP! Media and Project Survival Media are seizing the opportunity to place large, professional, compelling images directly in front of the negotiators and delegates in Barcelona RIGHT NOW.

This last intercessional meeting will be instrumental in crafting the outcome of Copenhagen and it is absolutely essential, and wonderful that our story is being shown. But we need your help to support the display. All of this photographic coverage has been undertaken on a volunteer basis and because of this, we need to seek financial support to cover the shipment of these images to Barcelona. If you feel that displaying your voice at the UN is important, then please consider donating to Project Survival Media so we can continue to sound our voices loud and clear at the meeting before the most important meeting in the world. Survival is Not Negotiable. The youth of the world are here.” – Robert van Waarden

Help us support the photographers that so greatly amplify our voice, and influence our decision makers.

Thank you for your inspiration and dedication.

Cape Farewell Photography Exhibit – Pan Canada Tour

If we ever needed a good example of how the sum of a product is greater then its’ parts, we need to look no further then the Cape Farewell Photography Exhibit. Through the hard work of countless people, the British Council office in Ottawa, the voyagers and staff of the Cape Farewell voyage, and then the follow up phone calls and edits, the photography exhibit is currently on a Canadian tour.

It will be exhibited at 8 Legislative Assemblies across Canada and Parliament Hill in May. This means that a Climate Change exhibit and event is taking place in the halls where it can affect those that make the decisions. I think that that is exciting.

On a side note, when your images are shown on Parliament Hill, I think that you get to become a ‘Nationally Acclaimed’ Photographer.

Dates Below

Cape Farewell Photography Exhibit – pan-Canadian tour dates

Monday March 6 – Monday March 16 – Northwest Territories LA

Monday March 9-Tuesday March 31 – Saskatchewan LA

Monday April 20-Friday May 15 – Prince Edward Island LA (reception Wednesday April 22, 12:00-1:00)

Tuesday April 21-Friday May 15 – Yukon LA (reception Tuesday April 21, 11:00-12:00) (end date TBC)

Monday May 4 – Friday May 30 – Manitoba LA

Monday May 4 – Friday May 30 – Johnson GEO Centre (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

Tuesday May 26 – Parliament Hill (one day event only – 5:00-7:00)

Monday June 3 – Friday August 28 – Nunavut LA (dates TBC)

Monday August 17-Friday September 11 – British Columbia LA (dates TBC)

Cinema Planeta and Cape Farewell Exhibit

My Cape Farewell photography show is going to be in Mexico at the Cinema Planeta Film Festival, from the 11 – 15 of March. I think this is pretty exciting. That means that the images from the Cape Farewell Voyage have been shown in Cairo, London, Ottawa, and now, Cuernavaca, Mexico. So if you are in Mexico, Cuernavaca is apparently 1.5 hours outside of Mexico City, go and check it out.