Durban Portraits – Voices from Occupy, a Stipple Test

Today I have been experimenting with Stipple. This program allows me to add more information and links to static images. This is tremendously exciting because the storytelling potential from a single image just got hit out of the park. I have included here three images from an Occupy protest in Durban during COP 17. You can scroll over the images and listen to what the individuals were saying at the time (sorry the sound was recorded on a phone and isn’t great) or click on links to see more related material.

This is quick and dirty but think of the possibilities…..


For HI RES, No Watermark Image, contact (©Robert van Waarden/Project Survival Media) (Robert van Waarden)

Yvette speaking during the Occupy protest at COP17 in Durban, South Africa. (Robert van Waarden)

Nnimmo Bassey at the Occupy event in Durban, South Africa during COP 17. (Robert van Waarden)