Zero Carbon Time Lapse Photography

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with the zero carbon bike generatorZero Carbon Collective in Amsterdam.  A collection of individuals concerned about climate change, the collective strives to Inspire Sustainability Through Creativity. Their launch event, the Zero Carbon Concert, was held November 27, coinciding with the opening of the UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Cancun, Mexico.

I was eager to help. When I heard that we needed to cycle the bicycle generators from Zeist to Amsterdam, a distance of 50+ km, I knew that was for me. It was a long slog in the snow but we made it and the concert was a huge success. An estimated 200 people attended. They all took turns powering the concert with bike generators to prevent the lights and music from going out. It seems everyone enjoyed the chance to get involved and help run a sustainable concert.

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I didn’t forget to document the event and I felt that this was a great opportunity to create a short multimedia piece and try out some time lapse photography. I attached the camera to the huge ‘Bakfiets’ and set it to shoot every 25 seconds. The result, a bumpy ride of 5 hours condensed to about 25secs. Watch the fun little video below to jump through some wonderful Netherlands scenery and catch the story of the Zero Carbon Concert.

Note: My first time lapse, lots learned, hopefully more to come.

Zero Carbon Concert Amsterdam from Robert van Waarden on Vimeo.