Along the Pipeline featured on DeSmogBlog

My upcoming project Along the Pipeline has just been featured on the popular Desmogblog. Check it out. 

I will be following the line of the proposed Energy East pipeline in Canada to take portraits and tell the stories of those along the route. TransCanada, the same company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, is proposing another pipeline but this time across Canada. If approved, Energy East would transport 1.1 million barrels of diluted bitumen a day from the oil sands of Alberta to St. John. It would cross hundreds of waterways and drinking water supplies and would be responsible for greenhouse gas emissions that would equal 7 million new cars on the road.

This photography project gives me a chance to contribute to a larger conversation in Canada about climate change, oil and the future of this land. I am currently in the throes of a crowd funder for this project so please visit and support. 


Corsica | Hiking the Mare a Mare Nord

I was going through the photography archive the last few days picking out images to send to my image partner Aurora Photos. I came across these images from a wonderful hiking trip to Corsica from a couple of years ago.

We were eager to not fly and put more carbon than necessary into the atmosphere so we caught the train from Amsterdam to Nice, the overnight ferry to Bastia and then the amazing little train to Corte. From Corte we joined the Mare a Mare Nord. The trail was surprisingly difficult, it goes over many different mountain ranges and in November is incredibly empty. It rained, snowed, blew and shone and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Corsica immediately.

Photographs below.

Amsterdam Travel Photography – Garuda Airlines Magazine

I recently had the pleasure of contributing to an article on Amsterdam for the May edition of Garuda Airlines Colours magazine. It was great to photograph the city that I have been living in for the last couple of years from my perspective for this magazine. In the gallery below are some of the images that were published.

National Geographic Netherlands/Belgie – Verdwaald in de Algarve

This month, the National Geographic Netherlands/Belgie Netherlands edition has an article on the Algarve region in Portugal that I photographed. If you are in the Netherlands or Belgium, I invite you to go and pick up a copy from a shop and check out my take on the Algarve.

Award: Ireland Tourism Bureau for Photography and Article on Belfast

Today Elegance magazine and I were awarded the Titanic Prize for the best Titanic Article from the Tourism Bureau of Ireland. Jolanda van der Ploeg, writer and chief editor of Elegance Magazine, and I spent a few days in Belfast last year working on this article. It was noted that the writing and the photography did a great job of describing the city, inviting visitors and noting the history of the Titanic and the shipbuilding yards of Belfast. (100 years ago the Titanic was built in Belfast).

We are very happy that our hard work went noticed and I am especially pleased that my travel photography drew the attention of the jury and helped make this award possible. Tear sheets from the gallery are included below.

Tear Sheets – Elegance – Images by Robert van Waarden

TIME Magazine – Reasons to Visit Eastern Bali

It is always a nice surprise to come across one of my images in a publication like TIME. In this case, the image is of a friend of mine, Rob, swimming in the shadow of Gunung Agung on the Eastern coast of Bali. I remember that the next morning we awoke at 2am to climb Gunung Agung, hoping to catch the sunrise from the top, but instead got soaked to the skin from walking in the clouds.

This image was licensed through my stock image partner Aurora photos, thanks to Arlene for bringing it to my attention.

Working on Mont Blanc – Meeting a Deadline

Whilst on a recent trip to Chamonix, France, I answered a phone call from my client Elegance Magazine. They urgently needed the hi-res images of a travel story I had shot for them to meet their five o’clock deadline. The call came while I was high up on the Aiguille de Midi on Mont Blanc. No problem; a quick cable car to the valley bottom, open my laptop, access my online archive and send off the images. With plenty of time to spare before Happy Hour at the bar.

Watch out for the article in the April issue of Elegance.

(photo: Anna Keenan)

Two for One Coffee at Impacting Environments Exhibit

Hey Amsterdammers and/or people traveling through ludwigAmsterdam, my photography exhibit ‘Impacting Environments’ is entering its’ second month at Coffee Bar Ludwig. Thanks to Coffee Bar Ludwig, for a limited time, you can get ’2-4-1′ coffee voucher valid for the period of my exhibit. To do so, simply sign up to my e-news letter using the form below or head on over to my Facebook page and use the form there. Then print out the final ‘Welcome’ email and present it when ordering your coffee.

Ludwig is located at 547 Eerste van Swindenstraat, Amsterdam Oost. Exhibition ends Dec. 9th so hurry. Only one usage per customer.

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