National Geographic Netherlands/Belgie – Verdwaald in de Algarve

This month, the National Geographic Netherlands/Belgie NetherlandsĀ edition has an article on the Algarve region in Portugal that I photographed. If you are in the Netherlands or Belgium, I invite you to go and pick up a copy from a shop and check out my take on the Algarve.

Working on Mont Blanc – Meeting a Deadline

Whilst on a recent trip to Chamonix, France, I answered a phone call from my client Elegance Magazine. They urgently needed the hi-res images of a travel story I had shot for them to meet their five o’clock deadline. The call came while I was high up on the Aiguille de Midi on Mont Blanc. No problem; a quick cable car to the valley bottom, open my laptop, access my online archive and send off the images. With plenty of time to spare before Happy Hour at the bar.

Watch out for the article in the April issue of Elegance.

(photo: Anna Keenan)

Giants Causeway – Northern Ireland Photography

I just returned from a small trip in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Most of the time was spent working on my latest project, Force, a focus on people living with Wind Energy. However, I did manage to take in the UNESCO World Heritage Giants Causeway one cloudy morning. I wanted to share a few of the images of these amazing geological formations.

[photoshelter-img width=’950′ height=’653′ i_id=’I0000HZFNHzJ4kbg’ buy=’0′]

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

[photoshelter-img width=’950′ height=’653′ i_id=’I0000Fxc8cwCNCMg’ buy=’0′]

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

[photoshelter-img width=’950′ height=’653′ i_id=’I0000qlnY0_r.Xno’ buy=’0′]

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, foreground decomposing seaweed pond

Canadian Geographic – A Canadian scientist in Norway


Photography in the most recent Canadian Geographic includes a feature story on the Canadian student, Robert Way and the Cryosphere project in the mountains of Norway. While photographing this assignment, I was blown away by not only the winds, but also the consistent rainbows that illuminated the Norwegian landscape.

The Cryopshere project allows Canadian students to come to Norway and work on climate studies and geographic studies. The writer, Scott Messenger, and myself spent days following the team into the harsh landscape of Norway, where the glaciers are receding and the landscape is shifting. Norway is a phenomenal place and I would return there in a heartbeat to create more images.