National Geographic Traveler – Landmark Trust

National Geographic Traveler: Landmark Trust

In 2010 I had the pleasure of photographing the Landmark Trust Sites in England and Wales for the National Geographic Traveler. Together with Maartje de Gruyter we spent a week journeying through the countrysides of the old country and photographing and documenting these incredible buildings that have been saved by the Landmark Trust. This was published in National Geographic Traveler. Slideshow of the images below.





Portraits Without Faces

When I was recently in Latvia I was invited to visit the studio of Atis Jakobsons. While admiring his work, a conversation started fuelled by a portrait he had just created. This striking image, of a woman’s curving back, generated a discussion between Atis, Phil Toledano and the rest of us in the room about the visual power of an image without a face. Words like mystery, depth and intrigue were thrown around and it inspired me to create the series below.

What do you think about these portraits? What message do they impart, which one do you react to most strongly, why? Please leave your comments below.

Occupy Amsterdam – A Portrait Series

These images can be licensed though my image partner Aurora Photos. If you are interested, send me an email and I can connect you directly with them.

Last Saturday the Occupy Amsterdam rally was held in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The rally brought a varied group of individuals to the scene and I set out to capture the different faces of the movement and why they were there that day. This is the result. Scroll over the images to meet these people and read what they have to say.

Corporate Photography in Amsterdam

I was recently engaged by a Japanese agency to undertake some corporate photography here in Amsterdam. The assignment was a meeting of professionals in the Grand Amrath Hotel in Amsterdam, a straight forward assignment. However, what made it stand out was the way it was handled. They were the type of client that any photographer would bend over backwards for. From the beginning there were no questions about the fee, no weird demands for copyright, and they offered to pay on the day. It really demonstrated that if the process isn’t solely based on a dollar figure, but on respect, integrity, and quality, it pays dividends in the end. The end result was something that both parties put effort into and are happy with in the end.

Some results below.

Austria Photography – The Salzkammergut Region

This is a gallery of my best travel images from Austria. The photos are from the Salzkammergut region where I spent a few days for National Geographic Traveler. It includes images from the Five Fingers, the Dachstein and fishing in Hallstatt. For licensing click an image or here.