Up Up and Away – Nepal

Tommorrow I leave for Nepal.

Nepali/Dutch artist Shiva Rimal and I are off to work on our collaborative art project Climate Oxide. It is a documentation of climate change impacts around the world using photography, steel and rust. We will visit various climate adaptation projects, trek in the Himalayas and take part in the Moving Planet action in Kathmandu on September 24.

About the Project

Robert van Waarden and Shiva Rimal create items of visual art using the mediums of photography, steel, and rust. Their current project, Climate Oxide, uses this art form to symbolize how climate change is impacting our world. Reflecting on their heritage, Nepali and Canadian born artists with Dutch nationality, they will personalize the climate issue to the viewer by visualizing the impacts on their individual environments.

The combination of this aesthetic art form and story is unique and is interesting for a wide audience. Publications and galleries/outlets are invited to contact the artists for more information and to explore opportunities to display the resulting body of work.

Stay tuned for more. I will return in the first week of October.

Corporate Photography in Amsterdam

I was recently engaged by a Japanese agency to undertake some corporate photography here in Amsterdam. The assignment was a meeting of professionals in the Grand Amrath Hotel in Amsterdam, a straight forward assignment. However, what made it stand out was the way it was handled. They were the type of client that any photographer would bend over backwards for. From the beginning there were no questions about the fee, no weird demands for copyright, and they offered to pay on the day. It really demonstrated that if the process isn’t solely based on a dollar figure, but on respect, integrity, and quality, it pays dividends in the end. The end result was something that both parties put effort into and are happy with in the end.

Some results below.

Utrecht Photography 2 of 2 – Kayaking on the Canals

Yesterday I posted a panorama photograph of Utrecht city center as part of a two part blog post on photography in Utrecht. This is the second post.

Recently I took the opportunity to head out with some dear friends and kayak around the canals of Utrecht. With boats graciously provided by Kanoverhuur Utrecht, we paddled under canal bridges, watched the autumn leaves fall on our heads and explored the city from a new angle. I would recommend that anytime you are traveling and get a chance to see a city from the water, take it. It is a fantastic experience, especially in Holland where you can explore all the small canals and back waterways that you would never discover. I hope that you enjoy this gallery of images from Utrecht and our kayak on the canals.

Kayaking on the Canals in Utrecht, Holland – Images by Robert vanWaarden

Winter Photography in the Netherlands

A freeze has bit the Netherlands over the last few weeks. It has become a great time to curl up with a book or a friend and sip hot chocolate, or a great time to take you kid out for a sleigh ride along the canals.

All across the country the skates are being dusted off and the flying dutch are back. It doesn’t matter if you are Canadian, Dutch, Australian, or a global citizen, we can all rejoice in the cold.