Canadian Geographic Photography – Jan/Feb 2010

The following images appear in the Canadian Geographic Jan/Feb 2010 issue. The article features University of Ottawa geography student Robert Way participating in the CryoEX program, an international exchange program established by the University of Ottawa and the University of Oslo in Norway. Click for the full story by Scott Messenger.

Canadian Geographic – A Canadian scientist in Norway


Photography in the most recent Canadian Geographic includes a feature story on the Canadian student, Robert Way and the Cryosphere project in the mountains of Norway. While photographing this assignment, I was blown away by not only the winds, but also the consistent rainbows that illuminated the Norwegian landscape.

The Cryopshere project allows Canadian students to come to Norway and work on climate studies and geographic studies. The writer, Scott Messenger, and myself spent days following the team into the harsh landscape of Norway, where the glaciers are receding and the landscape is shifting. Norway is a phenomenal place and I would return there in a heartbeat to create more images.

Slideshow of the Climate March in Copenhagen

Photography from the Global Day of Action for Climate Change in Copenhagen. Over 100,000 people marched on the streets in favour of a strong, ambitious and fair deal to be signed this week.

COP 15 – Images, Action and Youth Activism

climate shame copenhagen

I am in Copenhagen, anticipating and preparing for the United Nations Conference of Parties, ie COP15. This is basically the most important meeting ever in our human history as the world leaders and ministers descend on this rainy city to try and come to an agreement that will put the world on a path to a safe, equitable and fair future.
Not something to laugh at. Not only will the heavy hitters be in town, but the city is expected to fill up with activists, everyone from indigenous activists to anti – capitalists are expected to converge here. Many sharing strong messages, many without a good idea how to message, and just many.

Photographs of the Barcelona Climate Talks – UNFCCC Negotiations

Photographing live from the Barcelona Climate Talks……

I am here in Barcelona for two reasons:
  1. An exhibit of my images of youth action around the world for climate change is displayed on the wall here at the center.

    One of the greatest challenges of communicating climate change is putting a human face on an intangible issue. This photography exhibit re-examines the methods of communication by highlighting the inspirational work that young people are undertaking across the globe in the face of the growing climate crisis. 

  2. To cover the amazing youth that are here once again. The story continues and we will be pushing for an agreement in Copenhagen that pushes for the Survival of All Nations and Peoples.
Prior to this conference the head of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, has “accused countries of pushing science aside in favour of self-serving “political myopia” ahead of the vital Copenhagen summit”. I wonder if his words will help move the governments of the world away from their political posturing and into a world of negotiations that reflect the scientific demands of our need to cut Carbon? I hope so.

International League of Conservation Photographers – Emerging Photographer

The International League of Conservation Photographers is an incredible organization of the top environmental and conservation photographers in the world. Its’ ranks include National Geographic photographers Paul Nicklen and Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, Dutch photographer Frans Lanting, Gary Braasch, etc. etc. The list goes on.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this organization is a great idea. Combine the power and skills of the top photographers in the world to focus on conservation and the environment. Our mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography.

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted into this League as an Emerging Photographer. This organization is one that I admire and whose photographers are people that I look to for their hardwork, passion, dedication and skill. It will be a pleasure to learn from them, work with them and together contribute to conserving and improving our planet.

Blog Action Day – Climate Change Blogging

Across the blogosphere today, over 7000 blogs will be writing about Climate Change. It is called the Blog Action Day and has set out to mobilize the entire blog world around the single most important issue of our time and generation, climate change.

The whole climate world is entering the final stretch of the race for a climate just world and it is going to be a hectic 6 weeks. My path begins next weekend in Amsterdam on October 24th with There are over 2000 actions happening in 150 countries and in Amsterdam we will have 350 swing dancers dancing for the climate. In attendance will be James Hansen, chief NASA scientist and hundreds of climate activists. Sign up to join us if you are in Amsterdam. Or for more information on the event, go here

A week later I will be in Barcelona to cover the last stage of negotiations before Copenhagen. We will also be displaying the same show that I displayed in Bonn.

In November, I will be working with Project Survival Media to draw attention to climate change in Europe and then we are into Copenhagen. Copenhagen will be the most important meeting ever and we need everyone across the globe to hold their leaders accountable for a strong and just agreement. The only thing that is missing is the political will and it is time to change that. You can help by getting involved next weekend with

Photography of PowerShift UK – Reporting by Project Survival Media

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More Photography and Gallery Here.

By: Adaeze Umolu

Young men and women at the reception and registration desk are in high spirits as UK Powershift 09 has brought hundreds together to tackle our climate future here in London. Irrespective of physical, cultural or social differences, the determination of these young men and woman begs one to wonder if United Kingdom or world leaders can ignore such a movement.

Powershift UK is not just another campaign event to gather young people. It is a conference where workshops have been organized to teach skills to the young people in attendance with the end result of taking a meaningful action. It is “not just swapping to low energy light bulbs, but how to campaign and communicate effectively within their local communities.” It aims to inspire and educate drawing from the vast experience of the speakers lined up for the conference such as Ian Katz, Deputy editor of The Guardian and Emily Cummings, a 22 year old inventor using her designs to tackle climate change issues within Southern African countries.

Organized by the UKYCC, and modeled after the Powershift conferences held in the USA and Australia. The passion and focus of this conference is a serious one. It is about climate change, our planet and our future. Yet, these young people have set out to tell a more positive story and get people involved. The future and our planet’s future looks bright here today and I am more optimistic as the events of the day continue that our voice will be heard. I intend to remain here for the full duration of the conference and more articles are on the way.

Writer Adaeze Umolu reports for the Project Survival Media team in Europe.