Image published in Dein Spiegel – COP 17 in Durban, South Africa

It has been awhile since my last post.Anjali Appaduri and youth intervention I was really busy in December at the UNFCCC conference in Durban and since then have been swamped with work, mainly helping supervise the 1000’s of images that will make up this years World Press Photo Contest. Expect more from me in the next month, including updates on projects and upcoming projects. Until then, a quick post to share a recent publication in the German magazine Dein Spiegel. This is an image of Anjali Appaduri delivering the youth intervention at COP 17.

Youth Climate Report details COP 15 Participation

youngo reportFor several years the international youth climate movement (IYCM) has been growing exponentially. Focused around the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, youth from all over the world have come together, organized, shared ideas, influenced change and returned to their home countries to implement solutions.

I have been photographing this movement for a couple of years and I can safely say that these are the most inspiring group of people that I have ever worked with. They are changing global politics, organizing global days of action and through grassroots campaigns and new media are the leaders of today and tomorrow. Many of the youth that cut their teeth in the IYCM have moved on to policy development, grassroots activism for major NGO’s, or have started organisations that now influence national and global policy, (think, Energy Action Coalition, GetUP).

In 2009, the youth climate movement exploded, and the youth presence at COP 15 was unprecedented. A new report produced and written by Anna Keenan for the IYCM includes several of my images. It comprehensively details the influence and actions of the IYCM at COP 15 and how these incredible young people are changing the world.

Take a moment to read it and become inspired by the incredible young people that are leading the way towards a sustainable future. Click here to see the report

COP 15 – Images, Action and Youth Activism

climate shame copenhagen

I am in Copenhagen, anticipating and preparing for the United Nations Conference of Parties, ie COP15. This is basically the most important meeting ever in our human history as the world leaders and ministers descend on this rainy city to try and come to an agreement that will put the world on a path to a safe, equitable and fair future.
Not something to laugh at. Not only will the heavy hitters be in town, but the city is expected to fill up with activists, everyone from indigenous activists to anti – capitalists are expected to converge here. Many sharing strong messages, many without a good idea how to message, and just many.

Photography of PowerShift UK – Reporting by Project Survival Media

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By: Adaeze Umolu

Young men and women at the reception and registration desk are in high spirits as UK Powershift 09 has brought hundreds together to tackle our climate future here in London. Irrespective of physical, cultural or social differences, the determination of these young men and woman begs one to wonder if United Kingdom or world leaders can ignore such a movement.

Powershift UK is not just another campaign event to gather young people. It is a conference where workshops have been organized to teach skills to the young people in attendance with the end result of taking a meaningful action. It is “not just swapping to low energy light bulbs, but how to campaign and communicate effectively within their local communities.” It aims to inspire and educate drawing from the vast experience of the speakers lined up for the conference such as Ian Katz, Deputy editor of The Guardian and Emily Cummings, a 22 year old inventor using her designs to tackle climate change issues within Southern African countries.

Organized by the UKYCC, and modeled after the Powershift conferences held in the USA and Australia. The passion and focus of this conference is a serious one. It is about climate change, our planet and our future. Yet, these young people have set out to tell a more positive story and get people involved. The future and our planet’s future looks bright here today and I am more optimistic as the events of the day continue that our voice will be heard. I intend to remain here for the full duration of the conference and more articles are on the way.

Writer Adaeze Umolu reports for the Project Survival Media team in Europe.