Blog Action Day – Climate Change Blogging

Across the blogosphere today, over 7000 blogs will be writing about Climate Change. It is called the Blog Action Day and has set out to mobilize the entire blog world around the single most important issue of our time and generation, climate change.

The whole climate world is entering the final stretch of the race for a climate just world and it is going to be a hectic 6 weeks. My path begins next weekend in Amsterdam on October 24th with There are over 2000 actions happening in 150 countries and in Amsterdam we will have 350 swing dancers dancing for the climate. In attendance will be James Hansen, chief NASA scientist and hundreds of climate activists. Sign up to join us if you are in Amsterdam. Or for more information on the event, go here

A week later I will be in Barcelona to cover the last stage of negotiations before Copenhagen. We will also be displaying the same show that I displayed in Bonn.

In November, I will be working with Project Survival Media to draw attention to climate change in Europe and then we are into Copenhagen. Copenhagen will be the most important meeting ever and we need everyone across the globe to hold their leaders accountable for a strong and just agreement. The only thing that is missing is the political will and it is time to change that. You can help by getting involved next weekend with

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