COP 15 – Images, Action and Youth Activism

climate shame copenhagen

I am in Copenhagen, anticipating and preparing for the United Nations Conference of Parties, ie COP15. This is basically the most important meeting ever in our human history as the world leaders and ministers descend on this rainy city to try and come to an agreement that will put the world on a path to a safe, equitable and fair future.
Not something to laugh at. Not only will the heavy hitters be in town, but the city is expected to fill up with activists, everyone from indigenous activists to anti – capitalists are expected to converge here. Many sharing strong messages, many without a good idea how to message, and just many.

Photographs of the Barcelona Climate Talks – UNFCCC Negotiations

Photographing live from the Barcelona Climate Talks……

I am here in Barcelona for two reasons:
  1. An exhibit of my images of youth action around the world for climate change is displayed on the wall here at the center.

    One of the greatest challenges of communicating climate change is putting a human face on an intangible issue. This photography exhibit re-examines the methods of communication by highlighting the inspirational work that young people are undertaking across the globe in the face of the growing climate crisis. 

  2. To cover the amazing youth that are here once again. The story continues and we will be pushing for an agreement in Copenhagen that pushes for the Survival of All Nations and Peoples.
Prior to this conference the head of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, has “accused countries of pushing science aside in favour of self-serving “political myopia” ahead of the vital Copenhagen summit”. I wonder if his words will help move the governments of the world away from their political posturing and into a world of negotiations that reflect the scientific demands of our need to cut Carbon? I hope so.

Desert Bound

When I tell friends that I am headed to Las Vegas, the question ‘why’ glazes over their eyes. It seems that I am perhaps not suited for the city, but, luckily all is righted when I explain that it is just an point of access to Death Valley and SouthWestern Utah.

I am really excited about spending some time shooting the South Western landscape and relaxing with my family who is meeting me in that wonderful corner of the world. I will be out of communication for a couple of weeks, but stay tuned for images of the SouthWestern landscape.