Austria Photography – The Salzkammergut Region

This is a gallery of my best travel images from Austria. The photos are from the Salzkammergut region where I spent a few days for National Geographic Traveler. It includes images from the Five Fingers, the Dachstein and fishing in Hallstatt. For licensing click an image or here.

Oman Travel Photography

This is a gallery my favourite photographs created on a trip to Oman for National Geographic Traveler – Netherlands. It includes the Empty Quarter, Muscat, Salalah and portraits of the people of Oman. For licensing, click an image or here.

Images Published in National Geographic Traveler

Kids jumping off the wharf in Oman

My first travel photographs in National Geographic Traveler have been published! The June edition of the Netherlands travel magazine includes not one, but two articles illustrated with my images. One article visually highlights the wonderful diversity in Oman, where ancient cultures are clashing with modern, oil driven world. The other is a photo essay about the Salzkammergut region in Austrian Alps. To preview the articles, click here.

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Arizona Travel Stock Images

The incredible photographic landscape of Arizona was the subject of my lens in May, 2010. This slideshow of my best Arizona photographs includes stock images of the locations of Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Route 66, Tonto Bridge State Park and Petrified Forest National Park. To license, click an image or here.

Arizona – Stock Photography – Images by Robert vanWaarden

Two photographs of Monument Valley, which is the best?

I want your opinion!

I was recently in Monument Valley in Arizona and I created these two drastically different images of the landscape with the mittens. Photographed only 50m apart, these two images raise several questions about composition, viewer opinion and human impact on our environment. I want to know which image you prefer. Image #1: The Cedar Log and Mittens or Image #2: The Parking Lot.

Which one do you prefer and why? Leave your comment below.

Cameras, lens, audio recorders packed: Gone in search of light….

Just as the sun was starting to warm up the cold, wet polder of the Netherlands, I figured that it was time to pack the gear and head off to the dry Southwest. One of my favourite places on earth, the landscapes of Utah, Nevada, California and region have inspired artists and photographers for decades. The colours of the red canyons, the arches, the beautiful sand dunes of Death Valley, it is a photographers dream.

This time I will spend most of my time in Arizona where I hear they have wonderful canyons and colourful deserts. Perhaps I can find some? But the chief reason behind this voyage still goes back to climate change. I plan on working with some of the native Americans of Arizona with Shadia Fayne from Project Survival Media to discover and document how modern day energy needs shape their future and past.

Check back for more, it will be an interesting adventure, (although, wifi isn’t emitted by Saguaro cactus so it won’t be everyday).

Cape Farewell – Youth and Climate Change in the Arctic

In September of 2008 I joined the British Council of Canada as their photographer on the Cape Farewell Expedition 2008. Our goal was to take an international group of 20+ students into the Arctic to teach them about Climate Change and how to use Art to communicate the message effectively.

“The expedition sailed around the southern tip of Greenland to Iqaluit on Canada’s Baffin Island. As ambassadors of their schools and communities, the student voyagers observed and interpreted the effects of climate change in the Arctic. What they saw and experienced inspired them, their fellow students and communities to seek social and technological solutions to this huge global problem.” British Council Website

The images have been exhibited in a variety of countries world wide, including the Parliament buildings in Ottawa and 9 other provincial governments, the Canadian Embassy in Trafalgar Square, the British Embassy in Washington, in Cairo, Mexico, India, the list goes on. They have also been published in CNN, Canadian Geographic and numerous publications and outlets across the globe. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.